Meet Lisa Satin

Tailored Advisory Solutions Is Committed To Navigating The Best Possible Living Situation For Yourself Or Your Loved Ones.

Lisa Satin, Founder

Lisa Satin completed her B.S. degree in Speech and Hearing Science at the University of Washington and continued her work as a Research Technician at the U of W Health Sciences through the department of Otolaryngology in the mid 1980s.

Lisa raised two wonderful children during these 20 years and helped many of her clients eventually move to assisted living or Adult Family Homes for various reasons. Lisa became a beneficial resource to clients having researched and pre-screened many types of residential communities to ensure the best transition and setting for each unique case. Through these experiences, she understands the desire to stay in one’s own home as long as possible. She also understands what it entails to find the right place for people when living at home is no longer feasible or becomes unsafe. This process can be very emotional and there’s a lot of fear associated with transition and change, but the outcome can be very enjoyable and offer a huge feeling of relief. Lisa loves working with people and helping them through this process.

“Almost 25 years of working with and volunteering for seniors brought meto a place where I knew I could help and where my expertise in this area could continue to grow. Since I started my company, I’ve taken every opportunity to continue my education on aging, and all that it entails. I am a Certified Senior Advisor through the National SCSA organization, a long-time board member (education chair) in our Association of Senior Referral Professionals of WA and a past President of Senior Care Coalition of greater Seattle and the Eastside. I’m also a long-time member of the NW LGBT Senior Care Providers Network and enjoy procuring speakers for our monthly meetings that help increase competence amongst our members regarding LGBTQ aging issues. I continue to be a member of CMSA and our state chapter, WMCMA, for the clinical education it offers as well as the opportunity to collaborate with our many brilliant local members. I am a supporter of The Alzheimer’s Society, APDA Northwest Chapter, many King and Snohomish County Senior Centers, as well as various senior and community related Not for Profit organizations. I believe that supporting organizations and resources that help our clients, helps to complete the circle or care.”

-Lisa Satin